As unlikely as it may seem, the environment of small town Elberton, Georgia was the catalyst for my artistic life. My youth was spent in the small town known as the "granite capital of the world"; life there was anything but typical. My childhood was spent amongst Italian artisans,  sculptors, draftsmen and stone carvers whom worked for the family granite quarry. The experiences through that exposure coupled with an artistically talented lineage transformed life into an unrelenting love of art. The marriage of that exposure and the reinforcing guidance of a talented mother led me to attend St. Mary`s College in Raleigh, North Carolina to begin my formal training at age sixteen. That training culminated in a B.F.A. from University of Georgia while in study under Lamar Dodd.

Through my education and ultimate self awareness I can say without question that there is truth in the cliche that art is indeed a vehicle for self expression. And methodicially choosing to expose oneself to the myriad of artistic stimuli the world presents us with is that first step to self expression. Having made that choice, fostering that creativity can transform a choice into deliberate development of artistic style. Where some espouse learning by mimicing others, I look to the student to develop a style of their own through fostering. I have found that developing ones own style of painting through learned fundamentals enforces individuality, instills self worth and is akin to true art work. To me,the more of the artist you see, the greater the work.

Regarding my own work, my subject matter changes and reappears. Mood is certainly always important, as well a emotion. Hopefully an emotional reaction from the viewer will be evoked but ultimately, the most important goal is communication through a once barren canvas.